Rizos Bros furs

Quality Furs in Kastoria

“Fur fashion changes, but remains a classic! “What distinguishes the stylish thing to a faceless? What is the difference between a work of art and an object of mass consumption? What determines the impeccable taste? .. These questions, of course, everyone finds their own answers. But whatever they were, no matter what era or world view is not consistent with your preferences, all agree on one thing: Fashion changes, but remains a classic. Classical canons as eternal as eternal craving for beauty and beautiful things of quality. As eternal dream of every woman of warmth, comfort and elegance embodied in search of fur – fur coats, which will correspond to you, you are warm and harmonious complement your perfection. Fur coat – this outfit worthy of a queen. A royal clothing – this is primarily a classical harmony of lines and perfect quality. Fur products displayed at the factory «Rizos», will win any of the modern queens and princesses. Collection of fur coats, which you can find here – as noble wines from the cellars of the court, they are not forgotten and are not repeated. Possession of a coat – a sign of royal luxury, self-sufficiency and generosity. A wide range of colors and patterns will help to choose her – a fur coat, which was created just for you. In search of his style of clothing sometimes go for years. «Rizos» will offer you something that does not go out of style and do not depreciate at its next whim. The royal luxury classics. Coats, who never go out of style. For the most fastidious of modern Queens. Factory for the production of fur «Rizos» has over 40 years. During this time, the model fur «Rizos» repeatedly presented at international exhibitions and catwalks showrooms in Milan, Frankfurt, Canada and Japan. The variety of patterns and color range of products due to the fact that the purchase of skins factory carries on the famous auction of Canada, America and Scandinavia.